We Help Navigate the Educational System So Your Child Can Thrive



• Comprehensive assessments of learning ability and challenges

• In-depth, parent-friendly reports reviewed with you

• Addresses special education criteria to find services for your child

Counseling and Therapy


• Support to help your child develop a better understanding of themselves

• Help improving coping skills

• Support with addressing challenges and mood difficulties

Behavioral Consultation

• Empower children and parents with effective skills to consistently address behavior issues at home and school

• Solution-focused and cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques

Parent Collaboration and Support

• Dr. Stifel collaborates with the school system to access school-based interventions and services, including Student Success Teams, 504 General Education Plans, and Individualized Education Plans

• She provides assistance with finding in-home and community agency supports

• Dr. Stifel stays up to date on California Ed Code special education criteria and American’s with Disabilities Act criteria that can affect your child

Who Am I?

Dr. Skye Stifel  is a licensed educational psychologist, as well as a California and nationally certified school psychologist. Dr. Stifel has worked as a school psychologist in preschool through high school programs across Southern California. As a former special education teacher, she has experience teaching children with a variety of disabilities, ranging from toddlers to high school-aged youth.

Why Get a Psychoeducational Assessment With Us?

Dr. Stifel’s background in the classroom as a special education teacher and in schools as a school psychologist, as well as her combined doctoral training in clinical, counseling, and school psychology enable her to understand the various systems and programs children can potentially benefit from as they face challenges. Dr. Stifel offers a unique expertise because of her experience working both in schools and in private practice. She knows how to  collaborate with the school system to access school-based interventions and services, including Student Success Teams, 504 General Education Plans, and Individualized Education Plans.


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What is a Psychoeducational Assessment?

A comprehensive evaluation that can help you learn what might be causing you or your child to struggle in school and with academics. A thorough evaluation of intellectual skills, academic functioning, behavioral issues, and mood can help determine if a learning disability or some other issue is preventing your your child from succeeding.

Good evaluations will describe intellectual and academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as social and emotional needs. Good evaluations will help students and families better understand the effects of learning disabilities, ADHD, brain injury, or illnesses that may contribute to their difficulties. Good evaluations will make suggestions in clear, non-technical language about what services and accommodations would be helpful in the school setting. A good evaluator will provide support and collaboration services to help you in interacting with the school system when seeking care and services for your child, including explaining the various ways in schools to get support as well as attending IEP teams and/or 504 meetings.