2 Talks for the Public in March - On Conservatorship and on Downsizing as We Age

When Conservatorship is a Good Idea

by Christopher P. Young, ESQ and Erik Lande, Ph.D.

Will present the legal and the psychological perspectives of conservatorship.

As part of the Ventura County Adult Abuse Prevention Council Series

Cost: $12 per person, which includes lunch

Tuesday March 19th at 11:30 AM.

At Pacifica Senior Living Oxnard - 2211 E. Gonzales Rd., Oxnard, CA 93036

Please RSVP:

Downsizing: Staying or Moving

Sponsored by the Camarillo Council on Aging, Dr. Lande will be part of a panel discussing the physical aspects of downsizing and moving to a smaller home, as well as the emotional impact and what resources are available to help coping when making such a transition.

Free to the Public, and sponsored by the Camarillo Council on Aging.

Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 10 AM in the community room of the Camarillo Library

Dr. Lande's article on chronic scam victimization in the elderly has published!

us attorney bulletin.JPG

Here is the link to the article. I co-authored it with Debbie Deem, FBI Victim Advocate Specialist. This addition of the Journal focuses on Elder Justice issues, and so we discuss chronic scam victimization of the elderly, including contributing factors and ways to address it with government and local community resources. 

It is in the US Attorney Bulletin, AKA Department of Justice Journal of Federal Law and Practice

Transnational Scam Predators and Older Adult Victims: Contributing Characteristics of Chronic Victims and Developing an Effective Response - by Debbie Deem and Erik Lande
It is page 181 of the pdf (which is actually page 177 of the journal itself)

See Dr. Lande and Dr. Duff speak at the GeroPsych breakfast in LA!

Dr. Lande and Dr. Duff were invited to speak at the Los Angelese County Dept. of Mental Health Gero-Psychiatric Breakfast in December due to their expertise in understanding scams and seniors' susceptibility. 

la gero psych talk.JPG

We spoke along with Debbie Deem of the FBI and Dr. Sarah Gelberd.

Here is a link to a video of the speech along with our powerpoint slides.


duff la geropsych.JPG

Research Posters Accepted

Our research team has had 4 abstracts accepted at the National Academy of Neuropsychology conference for this October.

- Self-Report Versus Observed Mood Symptoms in Individuals with Dementia Referred to Adult Protective Services

The Role of Cognition in Self-Advocacy in Adult Protective Services Cases

Cognitive Reserve at Presentation to Adult Protective Services

The Role of Neuropsychological Testing in Identifying Differing Levels of Impairment Between Self-Neglect Versus Other-Neglect or Abuse in Adult Protective Services Referrals

Upcoming book on dementia, a straightforward guide on dementia and aging for families

Dr. Erik Lande and Dr. Robert Duff are writing a new book on dementia expected to come out later this year. This book will discuss the differences between normal aging and dementia, as well as provide ways to help and work with our loved ones with dementia.

 The intention is to make a straightforward guide in plain language all about dementia for people who may have a loved one that they are concerned about. Dementia can be confusing and it is sometimes difficult to know whether certain behaviors are normal for age and we want to clarify that. 

As of now, we are still in the writing phase and do not have a release date, but if you would like to be among the first to receive updates about this book as it progresses, please sign up for the email list below. You will not be spammed and this list is made specifically for updates about this book. We also welcome your thoughts and recommendations regarding content and questions that you might have!


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