Erik Lande, Ph.D.,           Licensed Psychologist (PSY#19202)

Dr. Lande is clinical psychologist with a specialty in neuropsychology, rehabilitation, and assessment of decision making capacity. Dr. Lande is a consulting neuropsychologist with the Ventura County Rapid Response Expert Team for Adult Protective Services, and he also advises other community groups such as the Ventura Brain Injury Center. Previously, Dr. Lande has worked as a neuropsychologist with Pacific Neuroscience Medical Group and at Rehabilitation Institute at Santa Barbara.

Dr. Lande has also served as a lecturer at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and as the Director of the Psychology Assessment Center at UCSB.



Robert Duff, Ph.D.,           Licensed Psychologist (PSY#29147)


Dr. Duff earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2014. He has completed a dissertation on internet-based psychotherapy, as well as books on anxiety and depression. He currently providing online and in-person psychotherapy, as well as psychological and neuropsychological assessment services. Robert has provided services at the Hosford Clinic in Santa Barbara, focusing on individual psychotherapy with adults and adolescents, as well as with Kaiser in San Diego. He also has worked with the Brain Injury Center in Camarillo, where he provided individual and group therapy to individuals with traumatic brain injuries.


Skye Stifel, Ph.D.            Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP#3629)

Dr. Skye Stifel started her career as a special education teacher in Los Angeles. Since earning her doctorate Dr. Stifel has worked as a school psychologist in preschool through high school programs in Southern California. In addition to her practice, Dr. Stifel serves as adjunct faculty at California Lutheran University. She has also taught in the special education teaching credential program at LMU as well as UCSB’s CCSP doctoral program.

Dr. Stifel provides assessment, consultation, and advocacy services based upon her unique experience of working with school districts. Dr. Stifel hopes to help school-aged children and young adults as well as their families in achieving academic, emotional and social success via assessment, counseling and advocacy.