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We specialize in psychotherapy with adults and adolescents and have experience with a wide range of difficulties, from anxiety or depression, trauma, or an individual's desire to explore and improve themselves. We work generally from a cognitive-behavioral focus, but make use of family therapy principles and techniques as well. Additional focuses of treatment include:

  • Relaxation training
  • Internet/online psychotherapy


FOR PHYSICIANS: We can discuss cognitive and emotional factors that influence a patient's behavior. Neuropsychological assessments also assist with rehabilitation treatment planning and planning for return to work or to home.

FOR FAMILIES AND CAREGIVERS: We can discuss limitations that affect an individual's ability to live independently, as well as provide suggestions for dealing with behavioral difficulties and compensating for memory or other cognitive difficulties.

FOR ATTORNEYS: We can provide an objective neuropsychological case review including examination of raw test data and reports of other neuropsychologist expert witnesses in the early stages of litigation to discuss the merits of a case, specifically its strengths, weaknesses, and possible alternate conclusions about findings.