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Neuropsychological Assessment

FOR PHYSICIANS: We can assist by differentiating among various conditions that contribute to your patients' difficulties, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and better rehabilitation and treatment planning. Reports provide clear and user friendly recommendations for patients. Specific assistance includes:

  • Characterization of deficits related to brain injuries or illnesses
  • Differential diagnosis of suspected cognitive decline in elderly patients
  • Evaluation of the presence of cognitive and emotional factors that influence functioning and the ability to return to work or function independently
  • Rehabilitation treatment planning
  • Tracking changes in mental status over time

FOR PATIENTS, FAMILIES, AND CAREGIVERS: You can benefit from learning how cognitive problems may effect a person's everyday life, such as in managing money or deciding on readiness to return to work. Specific assistance includes:

  • Describing your intellectual strengths and weaknesses
  • Helping patients and families better understand the effects of brain injury or illness
  • Suggestions made in clear, non-technical language about how to live with cognitive and behavioral changes