“Working with Dr. Lande on two different Interdisciplinary Teams has afforded me the opportunity to observe his compassion, his intelligence and his professionalism when it comes to helping families, and seniors, going through a difficult time. I always feel comfortable encouraging individuals searching for answers to reach out to Dr. Lande, so he can use his expertise to give them the information they need to move forward productively.”
— Kathy Terry, MS, Gerontologist



Provide personalized neuropsychological services to promote your cognitive health and help you thrive. We help you learn about how your brain is functioning.

Insight is the first step in learning how to improve your mental functions.


Neuropsychology is the study of how behavior and thinking skills are related to the brain, including it's structures and systems. Brain function is assessed through the use of noninvasive tests, primarily verbal and paper and pencil type tasks. You might be requested to remember information or solve puzzles. A comprehensive and detailed assessment of multiple thinking areas is conducted, including general intellect, processing speed, concentration, memory, and reasoning skills, among others. The pattern of strengths and weaknesses is used to assist diagnosis and for health care treatment planning, including appropriateness for cognitive rehabilitation, behavior management, or psychotherapy. The length of the assessment depends on the issue being examined, and the assessment can be spread across multiple visits depending on the individual's fatigue level.

Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological testing measures and describes your thinking abilities (for example memory, attention, and reasoning skills), including your general strengths and weaknesses and the changes that can occur as a result of brain injury or illness. Neuropsychological assessment is one of the most sensitive instruments for detecting subtle deficits that are not obvious on MRI's or other brain scans, but which can have a large impact on your daily functioning.