Services Provided

We provide personalized neuropsychological assessment and treatment services to promote your cognitive health and well-being. Our goal is to help you learn about how your brain is functioning, as insight is the first step in learning how to improve your mental functions.


Neuropsychological Assessment

You can benefit from learning how cognitive problems may effect a person's everyday life. We conduct comprehensive assessment of multiple thinking areas, including general intellect, concentration, memory, language skills visuospatial skills, and reasoning skills, among others. The pattern of strengths and weaknesses is used to assist diagnosis and for treatment.


Capacity and forensic ASSESSMENT

In capacity assessments we assist you in understanding the effects of injury and illnesses, such as Alzheimer's dementia, on a person's ability to live independently and make legal decisions, including writing wills or giving gifts. Need for conservatorship can also be evaluated.

We also provide more general forensic evaluations, including evaluation of injuries in terms for personal injury cases or worker's compensation.


Psychoeducational assessment

You and your parents can learn what might be causing you to struggle in school and with academics. A thorough evaluation of intellectual skills, academic functioning, behavioral issues, and mood can help determine if a learning disability or some other issue is preventing you from succeeding.


consultation and psychotherapy

We provide psychotherapy across the age range and have experience with a wide range of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, trauma, or an individual's desire to explore and improve themselves. We work generally from a cognitive-behavioral focus, but make use of family therapy principles and techniques as well. We now also offer online psychotherapy as appropriate.

In consultation we can discuss a person's ability to live independently, as well as provide suggestions for dealing with behavioral difficulties and compensating for memory or other cognitive difficulties.


Training and Lectures

Our staff has given a variety of talks and presentations to both local community groups and professional organizations, including Adult Protective Services and Crisis Intervention Training for law enforcement. We have spoken on a wide range of topics including the aging brain, scams and aging,  dementia, stress and the brain, and assessment of decision making capacity.